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Welcome to Canadian Frontline Nurses Exposing the corruption from the inside!

Canadian Frontline Nurses


To unite Canadian nurses so our voices may be heard, to speak up against the draconian measures that are currently in place, in effort to uphold our oath to do no harm.


To restore our freedoms and rights as Canadian citizens and reinstate the four ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice within nursing.


Nurse Kristen
Registered Nurse, BScN, RHN Ontario, Canada

Nurse Kristen has been a nurse for 14 years, primarily in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, with previous experience in Pediatrics.


When Kristen’s first son was born she realized the importance food would have in creating the foundation for his growth and development and enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.


As a Holistic Nutritionist, Kristen is able to understand both conventional medicine as well as a more holistic approach that incorporates the mind, body and spirit to uncover the root cause of illness. It was through this education that Kristen was able to have a deeper understanding of true health and well-being and the immune system. This led to further research into iatrogenic disease, vaccines and pharmaceutical propaganda. Kristen is a member of Vaccine Choice Canada and believes in medical transparency and informed consent, which is currently lacking in the health care system.


Kristen has witnessed unethical measures as a Neonatal nurse which has empowered her to speak up and advocate for the babies that do not yet have a voice. Her first speaking debut was at her local city hall just weeks ago regarding masks on school children.  This led her to speaking at other Freedom rallies, eventually organizing her own successful freedom march in her hometown.


Kristen is passionate about children's health and empowering families to trust their bodies and immune systems, to support and not suppress symptoms and to live a more natural life in harmony with the Earth with full body sovereignty.


Nurse Sarah
Registered Practical Nurse, RPN Ontario, Canada

Sarah Choujounian has been a nurse since 2004 & has been working in a nursing home for the greater part of her career. In 2017, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which was the catalyst for her life changing actions.Through natural healing, she was able to get completely clean, lost 60lbs & healed herself from most of her fibromyalgia. She has done extensive research on psychology & trauma & initiated an organization called “Lighting Up Dark Corners” to empower survivors. She is known to be the voice of the voiceless & she intends to keep it that way. 


Sarah was fired from both her nursing jobs, her license is under investigation and has been defamed by the media for speaking out against the lockdowns. She is now the cofounder of Canadian Frontline Nurses, an organisation aimed at uniting nurses & keeping our oath to do no harm by speaking up against these draconian measures & restoring medical freedom. She envisions a future where healthcare is based mainly on preventative care, natural treatments & treating the person as a whole meaning caring for mind, body & spirit as one.


Nurse Nanae
Registered Nurse, B.N., Alberta (2002 to present)

I began working in the area of acute psychiatry after completing my last semester in university, and I continued to practice there until three years ago.  At that time I took a new role as a nurse instructor among my colleagues, within Addiction & Mental Health.

A passion of mine has been to journey alongside patients, having a trauma informed lens, and to be an advocate and a support on their behalf.  Asking good questions and discovering the ‘why’ behind what brought individuals to where I was seeing them has been foundational to my therapeutic engagement.  As well, having a personal understanding of trauma and working through that to healing has provided treasures despite darkness.

Truth, transparency and integrity are of utmost importance to me, and I believe these are imperative in all areas of health care.  At onset in 2020, I saw and heard the significant discrepancies in information, communication, rationales for testing and practice, so I began to dive deeper into research.  A focus of mine has been researching the covid vaccines, and understanding more fully the potential and real impacts these will have on humanity.  Informed consent is crucial, and I do not see this happening.  We must sound the alarm, speak the truth, advocate for transparency, and do no harm.



We need your help to continue to be advocates fighting for truth, informed consent and medical transparency.


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